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  • What makes Formeflex unique?
    Formeflex is made with the most innovative materials. Exceptional combination of layers was designed to provide deep down spinal support, pressure points reduction, blood circulation improvment and flexible adaption to your body weight as you sleep.
    The knockout features of our mattress are:
    • 2″ 100% Organic Latex Layer, which naturally combats sweating and chills.
    • Special CoolFlex high performance, moisture wicking, breathable cover for even further heat dissipation.
  • What kind of mattress is Formeflex?

    Formeflex is a luxury organic latex and foam-based mattress that consists of high density support core, transitional layer of Bio High Resilient foam and 100% Organic Latex Layer.
    As final touch of effeciency, this mattress comes with Cool Flex breathable cover so you can sleep at your natural body temperature.

  • Do you have a showroom?

    You are more than welcome to test our Formeflex mattress at 1911 Dundas St East, Unit #18, Mississauga, Ontario – L4X 1M1

  • Does the mattress have a smell?

    As with any new product, there may be a slight aroma that should dissipate shortly, when first unpacking your new Latex mattress. Because Formeflex mattress is made with 100% Organic Latex, CertiPUR-US foams and water-based adhesive there is no specific smell and off gassing of the mattress. Formeflex mattress is ready to sleep on the first night you receive it.

  • Is the foam used in Formeflex mattress safe?
    All the foams used in Formeflex mattress are CertiPUR-US® certified, meaning they are:
    • Made without ozone depleters
    • Made without PBDE fire retardants
    • Made withou mercury, lead, and other heavy metals
    • Made without formaldehyde
    • Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission
    • Certified to have low VOC (Volotile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million)
    CertiPUR-US® is a not-for-profit certification program for foam used in bedding products. For more information visit the website:
  • Will I feel trapped in the mattress?

    Large open-cell Formeflex latex has a perfect bounce and responds to the body quickly so that when you move, your bed will easily move with you. As we use 2 inch of Organic Latex you don’t sink too far into it and get stuck like in most of memory foam mattresses.

  • What are the mattress dimensions?

    Formeflex mattress is available in standart North American sizes:
    Twin – 39 x 74 x 10
    Full – 54 x 74 x 10
    Queen – 59 x 79 x 10
    King – 76 x 79 by x 10

  • How much does the mattress weight?

    Twin – 53 Lbs
    Full – 71 Lbs
    Queen – 81 Lbs
    King – 102 Lbs

  • How much weight can the mattress hold?

    Formeflex advises that its mattress is suitable for individuals up to 250 lbs and coupes of combined weight 450 lbs.

  • Does Formeflex sleep hot?

    Formeflex was specially designed with 100% Organic Latex to keep you cool naturally. It has open cell construction that increases air flaw by 85%. We also have a special CoolFlex cover on our mattress that wicks away heat and moisture 3 times faster than regular “breathable covers”.

  • Are your mattress compatible with Adjustable bed frames?

    Yes. Formeflex is flexible and durable enough, and it offers the perfect complement to electric adjustable beds.

  • Is Formeflex easy to set up?

    Our mattress is shipped compressed in a box. Once you have the mattress in the bedroom, unpack the mattress, allow it to uncurl and lie it flat. Formeflex mattress will need around 3-6 hours to fully expand.

  • Do I ever have to flip my Formeflex mattress?

    You don’t need to flip your mattress. Formeflex mattress is designed to be laid one side up only, to achieve the body moulding performance. We only recommend rotating your mattress 180 degrees every 3-6 months.

  • Do I need a box spring?

    It is not necessarily to use a box spring with Formeflex mattress but you can definitely use one. Formeflex can be also used with platform beds, fully slatted frames or simply placed on the floor.

  • What type of bed frame should I use with Formeflex?

    Formeflex mattress can work with all the standart foundations. A platform bed, standart box spring or any bed with horizontally placed wooden slats ( gaps between the slats should be less than 3″ apart) or you can simply put it on the floor.

  • Does Formeflex have a break-in period?

    There is no break-in period with Formeflex, but it will take your body a little while to adjust to your new mattress as there is also an initial adjustment period for any new mattress and sleeping surface as your body “unlearns” it’s sleeping memory from the previous mattress and gets used to the new one.

  • What forms of payment are accepted?

    We accept all major credit cards ( Visa, Mastercard, American Exress, Discover). We don’t accept checks, money order or cash.

  • What is the 100 Night Home Trial?

    Our 100 Night Home Trial Period gives you a true evaluation of Formeflex benefits. Sleep on it for up to 100 nights and If after 60 nights you are not entirely happy with your mattress, contact us and we will arrange your return and full refund.
    We simply ask you to sleep on your new mattress a minimum of 60 nights so that your body can adjust to a new sleeping surface.

  • What is your return policy?

    We offer a trial period of up to 100 nights and a return policy should you not enjoy the experience of your Formeflex mattress. However we are confident that you sleep well on your Formeflex mattress. If you are not entirely happy with your mattress, then you can contact our Customer Service Team and we will start to arrange a pickup via a local charity, church, or recycler and we will refund you in full 2-5 business days after pickup.

  • Where do you ship?

    We ship to the lower 48 states in the USA and the 10 provinces in Canada.
    We look into shipping to the Canadian Territories on a case-by-case basis. Please send a note at: with these requests.

  • Can you ship to a P.O. Box?

    Unfortunately , we don’t ship to PO box.

  • Do I pay for shipping?

    Absolutely free! Shippings and Returns are always free!

  • How big is the box?

    Formeflex mattress comes rolled in a box with the following dimensions:
    Twin – 43 x 14 x 14
    Full – 60 x 14 x 14
    Queen – 65 x 14 x 14
    King – 81 x 14 x 14

  • How long do I have to wait for the delivery?

    Delivery usually takes as little as 3 -10 business days.

  • How do I unbox my formeflex mattress?
    Formeflex unboxing
    Your Formeflex mattress will be vacuum packed and rolled when you receive it.
    Please follow these easy steps:
    • Cut the tape holding the containing box together
    • Pull out the mattress and partially unroll it in an open area.
    • Using scissors, cut a long strip through the plastic along the head or foot of the mattress.
    • Your mattress will start expanding to its original shape.
    • Remove the remainig plastic.
    • Leave the mattress for a couple hours to expand to its normal size.
    • Enjoy your mattress and sleep like never before
  • Can I put Formeflex back in the box?

    It is impossible to put Formeflex back in the box once it has been unpacked and fully extended.

  • What happens if I miss my delivery?

    Don’t worry. If you are not available on the first attempt, UPS will attempt 2 more deliveries. A delivery notice will be left at the door after each attempt to deliver. If you missed your delivery after all attempts, you may pick up your order at the UPS store/depot or post office store indicated on the delivery slip at any time within the allotted time frame designated by UPS.

  • What happens to the returned mattresses?

    All returned or used mattresses are donated or recycled depending on certain localities. We will never resell a returned or used mattress.

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