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How to Pick the Right Mattress
Most people spend at least 8 hours a day laying on their mattress – that’s approximately 33% or 1/3 of your day! Not to mention, many people spend extra time lounging in their bed throughout the day; doing homework, reading,… Read more
What Makes Hotel Beds So Comfortable?
One of the best things about going on a nice, relaxing vacation is getting a dreamy sleep in a cozy hotel bed. Hotel beds are known for their allure – that squishy, beautiful bed, made fresh and clean just for… Read more
Benefits of Organic Latex Mattress vs. Synthetic Latex
Latex mattresses are a growingly popular option in the mattress market, boasting a wide variety of benefits including superior resiliency, optimal shock absorption and motion isolation, and quality orthopaedic support free from painful pressure points. However, not every latex mattress… Read more
What You Should Know About Lucid Dreaming
Sleep is a time for relaxation and recharging for the day ahead. For many of us, sleep also marks a period of your day where your mind is free to dream. Dreams can take us to the furthest reaches of… Read more
Latex Mattresses: The Gel Memory Foam of the Future
The majority of people don’t know the difference between gel memory foam and latex when it comes to their mattress – and they’re missing out! Gel memory foam is actually memory foam infused with gel beads or liquid. Gel memory… Read more
Different Sleeping Habits of the Animal Kingdom
If you’ve ever watched an episode of Planet Earth, the Discovery Channel, or even visited the zoo, you know just how intriguing the animal kingdom can be. From the tiniest omnivores to the voracious predators, observing their habits can be… Read more
Industries That Are Adopting Organic
Organic products are becoming an increasingly popular choice in customer purchases, spanning a wide variety of industries. Living in an age where information is spread and shared so vastly, the benefits of organic labels are being sought after more than… Read more
How Lack of Sleep Influences Your Life
There really is nothing quite as vital to our own well-being as getting adequate rest. Sleep allows our body to regenerate, recompose and most importantly, get prepped for yet another hectic day of life. Whether it’s your mental stamina or… Read more
Benefits of Latex Mattresses vs. Traditional Innerspring Mattresses
Are you waking up with back pain and body aches every morning? The problem could very well be your mattress. Traditional coil, innerspring mattresses are not very intuitive in molding to the curvatures of the human figure and can thus… Read more
Ways to Introduce Organic into Your Lifestyle
Organic methods are spreading through many demographics and industries. Organic applies to anything grown or created without the use of dangerous chemicals, artificial hormones or genetic modification. Going organic poses a wide variety of benefits, and not just to your… Read more